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    Leather Repair

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to everyone who isn't familiar with Clarke's Express Shoe & Leather Repair. My name is Farrell Clarke. Many of my customers know me by my first name, Jim. I am the owner and lone Shoe Recrafter (Cobbler) for both of my shops.My original shop is located in Dundalk, Baltimore County and the other is in Bel Air, Harford County.  

Rebuilding shoes, boots and other leather goods is a truely a craft. A craft that is rarely seen in this day and age and requires years of experience and most importantly a passion for excellence in customer service. I take great pride in my craft and in dealing directly with all of my customers or indirectly through my 28 year old son, Bryan, who runs my Bel Air shop two days a week. Bryan has worked full time elsewhere for years yet he has sacrificied his days off to help his dad out for the last 6 years. Even though Bryan has never had an interest in repairing shoes he has been around the family business since he was three. He knows me inside and out. He does share my passion for making sure there is never a breakdown in communication between me and our customers. Thanks to him, I have been able to be in two places at once.
In order to maintain the high level of excellent service that our customers have counted on since 1991,  I have  limited hours of operation for both of my shops.
Believe me when I tell you, I am NOT a part time Cobbler. I work more hours in my shops outside of operating hours repairing all the shoes for both shops than I do during business hours. This allows me to spend the necessary time directly with my customers.
Think of me as  your Shoe Doctor with two offices, providing a much needed service in two different towns.
I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to be your Shoe Doctor as well.
i look forward to servicing your needs in the future.
Thank you for your time and understanding. 

Sincerely, James O'Farrell Clarke  II

Clarke's Express Shoe & Leather Repair



                                 "Saving Your Soles Since 1991!"

For updates and additional information please visit us on Facebook at ---Clarke's Express Shoe & Leather Repair





If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email at, by phone at (410)-284-2458, or if you are in the neighborhood stop in and see us. We are located at 6920 Holabird Ave. Dundalk MD, 21222.

The DUNDALK shop is OPEN Tuesday & Wednesday 10:00-5:00, Friday 10:00-2:00 and Saturday 10-1.   CLOSED Sunday & Monday & Thursday




Clarke's Shoe Repair is conveniently located in downtown Bel Air at 23 South Main St.(rear) behind the Main St. Tower Restaurant & Boyd & Fulford Pharmacy (formerly known as Sam's Shoe Repair)  
Phone (410) 836-8316
the BEL AIR shop is OPEN  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays  9:00-5:30

There is plenty of metered parking right in front of our shop!    Parking is cheap... 25 cents per 30 minutes.
please be considerate of other customers.
Do not double park in front of the shop. 
Thank you.       

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